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1940s! With Video!

Over the last few weeks we have been out of the office for the majority of the time setting and de-setting events all over the UK. One event that was a stand out for us and one that we all rather enjoyed coming together, piece by piece, was a 1940s themed 30th birthday party for one of our clients.

There was a really great atmosphere from start to finish and even though it was threatening to rain for the entire week beforehand the rain just about held off! Take a look at some of the pre-party shots we had taken to get a nice feel of the space we created in the clients gardens.

So there is the calm before the storm! We think you’ll agree there are some great images there. We also managed to get some fantastic pictures throughout the night.. see below..

Jacks_Birthday_156 Jacks_Birthday_158Jacks_Birthday_095 Jacks_Birthday_109 Jacks_Birthday_115 Jacks_Birthday_119Jacks_Birthday_126 Jacks_Birthday_141 Jacks_Birthday_142  Jacks30th_1Jacks_Birthday_148 Jacks_Birthday_149 Jacks_Birthday_151 Jacks_Birthday_152 Jacks_Birthday_061 Jacks_Birthday_055 Jacks_Birthday_118  

We also brought in a videographer to capture the event – check out the video below:


If you are thinking about planning a soiree and think you might need a little Seventa magic to ensure it’s a memorable night for all, we are easily reachable.. Call us on 01202 237 433, email us on [email protected] or message us using any of the platforms below! We look forward to hearing from you!

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