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Annual Events Can Reduce Staff Turnover!

It’s hard not to notice that at our events the employees of our clients generally enjoy their jobs and love working for the company. Whilst this is fantastic news for our clients (and for us), there is also a lesson to be learnt from this – and we read about it recently in an article posted by the well known job board, Monster – entitled: “How can I reduce staff turnover?”

In this article there was a section that jumped out at us and we were quite happy to see it there! The particular section in question was called “Social Events” and it went on to talk about how rewarding employees with a number of events throughout the year is a great way to keep employees happy, and in turn, to lower staff turnover!


It also went on to talk about how it is a lot cheaper to put on these events throughout the year for employees, in comparison to having the constant need for recruitment, training and development of new staff.

Obviously this was music to our ears and something that we were very happy to be reading about. Whilst there are a number of reasons to enjoy working in events, one of them is most definitely making other people happy!

If you are thinking about rewarding your employees with a last minute summer party, or would like to start the planning of your Christmas Party, give us a call on 01202 237 433 or email us [email protected] and we can put together something for you!

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