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Bienvenidos a Barcelona

We just organised for a clients entire company to head out to Barcelona for an action packed, long weekend. We planned seven exciting experiences for all employees to enjoy during their trip, which you read a little bit about each below. We love planning things like this but we must admit, we were a little jealous!

Sagrada Familia Tour

No trip to Barcelona is complete without a trip to Gaudi’s iconic Cathedral. Millions of visitors a year flock to see the gothic architecture of the basilica and our clients were treated to a guided tour full of secrets about Sagrada Familia and the life and career of Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia Museum was also included in the tour and guests were able to see the progress of the basilica’s creation over the years.


Beer Tasting

When exploring a new city it’s important to relax and rejuvenate so we sent our clients for a beer tasting experience! The outing provides tours of the local beer bars and behind the scenes of the city’s breweries. But it’s not all about drinking; Barcelona and surrounding areas has a long history of beer production so there is a lot to learn. The hardest decision of the day… which of the thirty on tap beers do you try first?


Segway Tour

What better way is there to explore a city than zooming around on a Segway? There’s so much to see in Barcelona and our clients had a blast travelling through 2,000 years of history, discovering Roman remains and medieval palaces to the Olympic harbour and zooming to the city’s Barceloneta beach. Note: our clients were perfectly safe on the segways and no alcohol was consumed before the tour, this list is in no particular order!


Wine and Cheese Tour

This tour took our clients out of Barcelona into the surrounding wine regions to visit a few of the vineyards. Catalonia is famous for being one of Spain’s most prominent wine-producing areas and this area alone produces more than 380 million bottles of wine a year. With views across acre after acre of vineyards, this is the perfect location to relax and unwind with some delicious eats.


Catamaran Cruise

After seeing the sites of Barcelona by foot and Segway, there’s only one other way to explore, and that’s by water. Our clients were sent on a catamaran cruises, listening to music and sipping a cold drink whilst sailing the coastline. Surely we at Seventa HQ can’t be the only ones daydreaming at this point, it sounds heavenly and from the clients feedback, it was!


Ice Bar

Cities can be hot hot hot and Spain in summer is even hotter, so we turned down the heat on this getaway and sent our clients to Barcelona’s ice bar. The final expedition for our group involved a very unique experience at the world’s first ice bar by the beach where everything is carved by renowned artists and replaced twice a year. So keep going back and there will be something new to look at!


We had a great time planning this trip but the clients had even more fun experiencing it! It’s given us all in the office a serious case of Wanderlust so if you’ve got any similar trips you’d like help with please contact us so we can live vicariously through you! Email [email protected] or give us a call at 01202 237 433 or say hi at any of the below.


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