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‘Check In Easy’ is a new application


‘Check In Easy’ is a new application available on the apple app store. It runs on iPhone and iPads and allows event managers to check in their guests upon arrival. The app is able to check in anything from 2 to up to 20,000 guests for any given event; thus getting rid of the hassle of stacks of paper and clipboards.

The app includes a ‘live sync’ feature; this allows multiple devices to check guests in. Alternatively, you can e-mail your guest with their own Bar or QR code; this allows them to use either the printed email or their smart phone to act as a ticket. This prevents multiple or unwanted guests using the same ‘ticket’ twice. You simply upload the attendee list to the app from an Excel file and start to check in your guests!

The ‘Check In Easy’ app is free to download, but you pay for guest credit packages. The first 50 guest credits are FREE.

Have you had any experience with this app?

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