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Christmas Bar

Christmas seems so far in the past already but we can’t forget to blog about our exciting ‘Christmas Bar’ concept. For the past two years, we have taken over the closed venue ‘The Print Room’ in the centre of Bournemouth for November, December and January and transformed the old Echo printing building into a festive venue for Christmas and New Year events.

This project includes complete venue management and operations. We employ a full time team of over 50 including; chefs, waiting staff, hosts, bar staff and supervisors.

The venue is a shell so requires us to completely kit out the bars, run the commercial kitchen, install sound & lighting, decorate head to toe and bring in all furniture.

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We wanted to bring some traditional Christmas elements to Bournemouth so Christmas songs were plentiful, the menus were full of Christmas delights and there was plenty of rocking around the Christmas Tree (in line with elf and safety of course). We know, we’re so punny!

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We also include our ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign. This is a campaign that we started to help the homeless. “We were inspired to create the Christmas Bar in the centre of town because we wanted to offer something back to the people of Bournemouth. Somewhere fun and exciting to spend time over the Christmas period. However, this also made us think about those less fortunate at this time of year. As such, we have decided to ‘pay it forward’ and donate the same thing ordered by every customer to our local food banks.” Simon Brooks, Founder & Director.

We host staff Christmas parties, corporate Christmas events, and groups of friends & family just wanting to get together over the festive season.

Over the two years of Christmas we have included Ice themes, traditional Christmas themes, and a New York Christmas theme, all alongside special guest DJs such as Vernon Kay, live bands, and creative entertainment. We have hosted some seriously fun events in these four walls!

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Taking over The Print Room allowed us to offer creative, fun and engaging events to smaller offices, team nights out, departments, groups of friends, and we even opened to general public at the weekends.

The project allowed us to give something back with our ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign, and this meant a lot to us over the Christmas months.

It’s January now, and conference season is in full swing! Give us a shout if you need any help 01202 237 433 or [email protected]

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