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Possible New Trends In Event Technology

Event planning and management technology trends

Event planning and management technology trends

As 2013 is in full swing, we have been taking a look at some of the most recent event technology trends that are (or soon will be) making an impact on events around the world:

  1. RFID/NFC – RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) are two of the hottest buzz words in the events industry. While many event professionals have long been familiar with RFID technology for tracking attendee movement, there is a trend to use this technology in more creative and strategic ways. From wristbands that light up based on passing an RFID reader, to interactive gaming devices that trigger SMS messages, these are two technologies that will be used increasingly throughout 2013 and beyond.
  2. Better Batteries – From the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, I saw one of the most exciting technologies that would help all of us smartphone-dependent pros who are forever seeking a wall outlet. These are the tiny, fuel-cell powered batteries. Thenectar can provide up to two weeks of power for your smartphone, without ever needing to be plugged in. The technology behind this is actually butane or other fluorcarbon fuel, similar to what you would use for a lighter. Especially intriguing is the claim that nectar can cut the consumers’ carbon footprint by 83{c096e96d4d837e86f60b829715e233f0f2a035c580d9729bd6192e9e3061da1a} when charging their devices. This is absolutely one to watch!
  3. Local Presentations – The biggest trend in presentations is the ability to stream content from a central location to users’ tablets or other devices. This trend has taken the higher education market by storm, and is just getting to the meetings industry now. The best features I’ve seen is for students to be able to notate the slides, ask questions and then download them for later reading. It will be a great tool for fostering engagement and audience participation.
  4. Social Learning Tools – Another trend coming from the higher education market are the tools to help encourage social learning experiences. From collaborative note taking via Google docs to creating social media-based study groups to instructors/speakers using structured backchannel engagement technology, we should expect to see these trends hit the conference market this year. This is particularly suited to the adult learning audience, who benefits from the interactive nature of these learning environments. (see Mixable or Backdraft, developed by Purdue University)

While these may be exciting new technlogies to watch, always remember the mantra that unless technology serves a need, it is just a toy. Always remember to ask yourself why and how any new technology would be useful and practical in helping you to do your job.

Author: Midori Connolly March 4, 2013 – Cvent


Simon Brooks, Managing Director – Seventa Events & Hospitality comment:
Connect with Simon Brooks on LinkedIn here: uk.linkedin.com/in/simonjohnbrooks/

I have a great interest in all emerging technology, especially that which can be of assistance/benefit to the world of event planning and management. There are numerous products out there which can aid us in our jobs from integration software programmes, registration solutions, networking tools, timeline software, mind map apps, online communities, computer aided design (CAD) and more. However, these simply help and I strongly believe that nothing beats an experienced event planner/manger. Here’s a few reasons why:


When organising an event, it’s vitally important to know about all of the various components that go into the planning process. From managing tasks and timelines to knowing exactly what needs to be done in the first place. This comes from experience and industry knowledge. An experienced event planner will make it their business to know the right technology that will result in flawless execution.


Professional event planners organise events for a living. They are event champions, with years of experience behind them that tells them what needs to be looked after, deep beneath all of the ‘basic’ logistics. Professional event planners will know a lot of the components of an event that can go wrong, some of the areas to look out for and ways to ensure that an event is successful. These years of experience simply cannot be replaced by piece of technology.


Event professionals will have spent years building up relationships with reputable suppliers. These suppliers are critical in the process of a good event and leveraging these connections can be huge for anyone who is looking to host a successful event.


Technology has certainly brought us a long way, but technology alone cannot solve every logistical problem. Event planning is a people skill, and it’s not a skill everyone has. That’s why having an experienced event professional on your side is a great asset to any event.

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