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Hiring guest speakers..?

The internet is a dangerous place, as we all know too well, you can lose hours of your life looking at endless amounts of pictures and ‘helpful’ lists etc. For example, having spent (what seems like) one third of my life researching about influential speakers and trying to decide who would be the best suited for our next conference, I am no closer to a decision than I was in my younger years.

It seems like you can hire anyone to appear. I mean anyone! We’ve been discussing some of the people who could be spending their time a little more efficiently..

James Cameron: Might not have needed 7 years to bring the sequel out for Avatar!
Michael Owen: Could.. Sorry should.. Be working on his commentary skills.
Ben Collins (The Stig): Could be learning how to keep a secret

So as you can tell, the internet has distracted us from the task which we set upon this morning.

If anyone would like to recommend an after dinner speaker, we are open to suggestions! Likewise, if you would like to recommend another speaker who should be focusing on other things, we will make sure to list them!

One speaker who we would highly recommend is Lewis Moody (seen above with our MD Simon Brooks (if you hadn’t guessed, Simon is on the right, not the left!)), who was invited to speak at a conference we organised last year!

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Hiring guest speakers..?

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