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Introducing Fabienne to the team…

Day 1.

Hi, my name is Fabienne Bailey and I am currently a second year level 6 Creative Event Management (Arts and Creative Events Management) student from Arts University Bournemouth. For one of my assignments I undertake a six week work placement within the events industry, keep a daily blog and create a 2,500 word report at the end of my time here at Seventa Events. – Something to look forward to!

I applied to Seventa Events through the recommendation of a former lecturer. With previous research before I joined on the things that they stand for and the type of corporate events they hold, I knew this was the place I’d like to be involved with.

Week 1. Day 1.

Today was my first day at Seventa Events and I am already feeling positive for the next six weeks.

Already I have seen some of the work that the team do here, and they seem actively busy and I have an opportunity to learn a lot here. The team is very welcoming and I can’t wait to dive in.

I’ve heard I shall be having a busy first week, with site visits, conferences and launches.

I can’t wait.

 Seventa Office

Day 2.

Today we went for a site visit to Exeter, which was exciting as I had never been to the area before. – Already experiencing so much.

We viewed possible venues for a client for an upcoming event. This was a good opportunity for me to broaden my horizon and gain an insight on different style venues across Devon.

We visited:

– Exeter Castle

– Exeter University, The Great Hall

– Powderham Castle

Only day 2 and I have done so much more than I anticipated.

Today was also beneficial to see how Seventa Events deals with clients and what is expected of us as a company.

There is a high level of professionalism and that’s what I thrive in.

Day 2.1 Day 2.2 Day 2

Day 3.

This morning we set off to the Hilton Hotel Bournemouth to construct the props and decor for their launch party tomorrow evening. We had to create 3 different areas, a beach; a forest and a fisherman area.

This gave me an opportunity to see the types of props/theming Seventa Events can supply, which I’m sure will help me in the next 6 weeks when I’m talking with clients about theming events/creating moodboards and proposals.

I was able to see the building and planning process of each styled area and it was good to be able to set this up – experiencing another side of events.

Seventa002 Seventa007 Seventa011 Seventa020

Day 4.

I went to Bristol today for the South West Landlord Expo 2016 to gain ideas for the Bournemouth and Poole Landlord Exhibition in October (which is an event Seventa Events will be running for Bournemouth and Poole Councils). This was a different style event for me to experience, as the only exhibition I’d been to before were for university prospectus, which was good as that is one of my learning objectives for this six weeks placement ‘experience all roles within the work placement and see different styled corporate events.’

Later on in the evening I attended the Hilton Launch Party, again this was a different styled event that I enjoyed. It was good to see the actual event that we helped set up, in action.

 South west Landlord Expo 

Day 5.

This morning I attended a conference for a client which we had organised to be held at AFC Bournemouth. Another different styled event I’ve experienced. We had to make sure everything ran smoothly and I helped out where I could.

AfcB Conference inside AFCB Conference


This week has been jam-packed and already I’ve learnt so much and look forward to the next five weeks. I did not expect to be so active within my first week, with site visits, conferences and launch parties, and it’s been an amazing learning opportunity. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be aiming to hit all my personal objectives alongside the university’s objectives. I plan to gain as much experience as I possibly can, and provide a service for Seventa Events during my time here.

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