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Koh Lounge

The start of Koh Lounge!

A few months ago we moved in next door to the guys running one of the hottest ‘up-and-coming’ restaurant brands on the south coast – Koh Thai Tapas. As you can imagine, we have since spent a lot more time with their team and when creative minds come together the possibilities are endless.. (and its also pretty fun!).

With the guys at Koh so keen to open a restaurant in every corner of the country, their workload has become a lot more demanding and so when the subject came up about collaborating with them to produce the Koh Lounge event we were obviously very keen. The idea of bringing our ‘pop-up’ event expertise to an already established and popular concept was the perfect fit.

UPDATE: The first Koh Lounge pop-up produced by Seventa Events and Koh Thai Tapas was a huge success! The first ever three-week long pop-up restaurant and bar on Bournemouth Beach!

There may have been some minor issues with the weather (Super Moons = extremely high tides), but we made it through and will look forward to more to come! Watch this space!

Take a look at a couple of the pictures below.


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If you would like to speak to us some more about the Koh Lounge concept; for example having Koh Lounge at your event, festival, corporate party etc- you can get in touch in a number of ways. Phone 01202 237 785, email [email protected] or by any of the means below..

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