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Meet the Team – Stuart

Third up on our new ‘Meet the Team’ segment is Stuart Hartley. Stuart has been working at Seventa for four years and has seen a lot of changes since he first started with us! You can hear about some of those changes below..

What’s been your favourite moment working at Seventa Events?

Nothing is impossible working in the events industry (I’ve seen all sorts of crazy ideas come to life!), but one thing that is close to being impossible, is picking a singular favourite moment from the last four years! From setting up the first ever pop-up restaurant on Bournemouth Beach to taking over the top four floors of a Central London car park and transforming it into a pop-up venue (in 10 days), there is a lot of great memories to look back on! I’ve also been incredibly lucky to have watched the team grow into the group of guys we have working today – they can literally accomplish anything (yeah, proper cheesy I know, sorry!)

How would you say your average day/week pans out?

I honestly don’t think I have had an average day or week since I started. Every day is completely different and you never know what is around the corner! One day could be in the office doing simple things like emails and writing blogs, the next could be in London on a site visit and then back the following day to set up and run an event from start to finish. We also create a lot of items for events, so we are often turning creative items into up-cycled funky bits of furniture or cladding a bar frontage or designing customised props. There are a lot of different sides to the role and I enjoy every single one of them!

What gets you excited?

I absolutely love speaking to a client and listening to their idea and then going away and bringing it to life! I’ve always been into problem solving, and so receiving a complicated brief from an ambitious client, is definitely exciting! When you get down into the nitty gritty of each individual element of an event and you need to work out exactly how things are going to work on the day, it is really satisfying when it all comes together. You then have to think on your feet, and solve any unforeseen problems onsite/on the event day, before they happen! There are so many different outside factors that come into the equation of events, you have to be on top of everything. But all in all, the entire process of bringing an idea to life, is definitely the most exciting bit for me!

If you would like to speak to Stuart, or another member of the team, about an upcoming event, please give us a call on 01202 237 433 or email [email protected]. You can also get in touch via any of the channels below. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for our next edition of our new segment – Meet the Team!

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