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Meet the Team – Valery

To give you all a little more insight into Seventa Events and what makes us tick. We have decided to start a new segment called ‘Meet the Team’. Each month, we will be introducing to you a different member of the team and you will be able to learn a little bit about them!

First up is our current intern – Valery Kiselova.

Over to you Valery..

Hi all, my name is Valery and I am currently a student at Arts University Bournemouth. I joined the team only one month ago, to undertake a six-week work placement at Seventa, and I’ve already learned so much!

What’s been your favourite moment working at Seventa Events?

Honestly, a lot of incredible things have happened to me during my first month, so it’s hard to pick one. I would say my first week at Seventa really impressed and made me happy. I had just joined the team and they already took me to a range of different meetings. We went to Peterborough to view a site and meet a client, I attended several networking events, worked on a major client proposal and was a main decision maker for it. I felt a part of the team straight away.

How would you say your average day/week pans out?

As I have just started to work at Seventa Events, every day is full of knowledge. Every week we have at least two meetings with the company’s Director – Simon, we have lots of site visits, client meetings and also internal meetings about developing the business. Usually, I have a set of tasks to complete and I don’t remember a slow day. At the moment, we are working on a big project, so there is a lot of work to be done prior the event – including planning and preparing all of the props and decorations, going through health and safety and risk assessment documents and working on the client’s budget. I would say every day is different, but all of them go in an interesting and entertaining way.

What gets you excited?

Working with an experienced team is what gets me most excited. Every member of the team is a very creative person. When all of them work together – unbelievable things happen. That is probably the best way to have a brainstorm and come up with new creative ideas. In addition to that, I get very excited about working on private and corporative events. That is definitely the event’s sector that I want to be involved with in the future so I am very happy to have a taste of that during my time with Seventa. I can’t wait to graduate and become a part of this industry full time!

If you would like to speak to Valery, or another member of the team, about an upcoming event, please give us a call on 01202 237 433 or email [email protected] You can also get in touch via any of the channels below. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for our next edition of our new segment – Meet the Team!

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