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New year, new client, new events!

It’s absolutely fantastic to have a new client come to us with such a fun event. This week we have been speaking to a new client in regards to a two day awards ceremony, with a Cirque Du Soleil theme! The team have been sourcing multiple venues in Central London, all of which have to be pretty special.

There are a lot of choices for venues in Central London, however, we have been looking at each option closely to make sure that it will fit the theme; both aesthetically and practically! Not only will we need to turn the entire venue into the funky world of Cirque Du Soleil, but we also need to make sure that the service is perfect, the location is correct and that there is sufficient room for AV, sound & lighting installations, entertainment, dining, drinking and dancing!

Holding an event in the same venue over a two day period does allow us more power to negotiate lower prices for our client, which will free up more budget to put back into decorating the venue. Economies of scale works in events too you know!

With the decoration and theming, we’ve spent quite a while on the official Cirque Du Soleil website and there are plenty of options to make it an unforgettable evening for everyone! Check out some of our ‘mood board’ images below!

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