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One Of Our Favourite Conferences From Last Year

Whilst planning for conferences we often look back on our previous events to see what we can learn from them. One of our favourite conferences from last year was a ‘Change Conference’ for a corporate client, which was jam packed full of digital goodies!

A couple of advances from the tech world that really jumped out to us were the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality 3D Gaming Headset and the latest project from Google – Google Glasses! Both of which could dramatically change the way that we use technology at home and in the work place!

Whilst this was going on and people were looking ahead to the future, we also had a snippet of the past warming up downstairs in secret which also doubled up as a fantastic team builder for the day. Just after lunch this secret was revealed to the audience in the form of five Maori Warriors ready to ‘HAKA’ and to teach them the worlds most intimidating ‘dance’!

Amongst all of this fun and excitement there was also a conference going on which required us to work closely with the client to curate the event and oversee a large AV stage set and production installation! All in a days work.

You can check out a video from the day below!

If you are thinking about, or in the planning stage of your own conference, and would like a little injection of ‘something different’ make sure to get in touch and we can start putting some ideas together for you! Call us on 01202 237 433, email [email protected] or get in touch via any of the social media platforms below! We will look forward to hearing from you.

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