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One of the Top Event Themes for This Year?

Whilst we are busily preparing for the Summer season we are noticing a trend which we think might be one of the top event themes for this year! Festivals have been steadily growing in popularity in the UK for the last ten years or so, but now it looks as though they are making their way into the corporate world.. in fact, we are currently working on several ‘Festival’ Themed Summer parties for corporate clients ranging between 400 guests to over 1,200!

It is certainly an exciting theme and with one of our Event Producers (Stuart) coming from a festival background it is one that we are really looking forward to. Over the last couple of weeks we have been sourcing high and low for venues that will suit these events!

The next stage is to think about theming venues of this size and also for the largest event, we need to consider the logistics of how to cater for the 1,200 people that will be attending! So we start with a mood board and see what ideas can fit where. There are obviously a few core ideas that will bring the layout of the venue together, but after that it is down to us!

So after ‘The Main Stage’, ‘The Dance Stage’, ‘The Chill Out Area’ and ‘The Food Court’ it will start to come down to the more thoughtful kind of spaces at a festival.. such as ‘The Spa’ and ‘The VIP Area’ etc.

We’ve put together a mood board to get us in the festival spirit.. Take a look at a few of the pictures we have been using for inspiration..

Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.23.39 Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.23.42 Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.23.44 Screenshot 2015-03-11 10.43.36 Indoor Festival Indoor Festival 8d08e5405806d8ad196c6ceaa5085308  Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.25.19   Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.26.45 Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.25.43 Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.26.47 Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.25.18 Screenshot 2015-03-11 12.25.21

Make sure to keep an eye out for the follow up photos of how these Festival Themed events turn out! You can also keep in touch using the links below..

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