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The Photo Booth Alter Ego

Up until a couple of years ago the vast majority of people would associate a photo booth with going on holiday or applying for a driving license. Now if you were to ask someone about a photo booth, they would tell you about the last wedding, birthday or corporate event they attended.

Photo booths, in all shapes and sizes, have become an extremely popular site at events and it currently seems like you are more likely to see one at an event than to not. So in keeping with trend we have spent a lot of time recently skimming through photos before we send them over to our clients. Which means we have come to notice that a lot of you have, what we like to call, a ‘photo booth alter ego’!

The ‘photo booth alter ego’ is something that no-one can control and  a condition that someone with more qualifications than us needs to research into.

Our initial research has shown us that there are a number of different types of alter ego and you will probably don’t realise that you have one. The types we have spotted are:

The panicker – Someone who does not know what they are going to do until they enter the booth. They will probably end up closing their eyes or pulling a face that they would never normally pull in a standard photo.

The planner – Someone who knows exactly whats happening before they enter the booth. They are likely to have pre-determined and practiced a number of faces before the event.

The student – Someone who keeps their cool – but ends up resorting to pulling their relatively safe – ‘school picture smile’

The usual – This person has figured out what face makes them look their best and they plan on taking full advantage of that knowledge.

If you think we have missed an alter ego, or if you have spotted one that we haven’t, please feel free to submit a suggestion and we will certainly add it to the list!

On the other hand, if you have an upcoming event that you would like to book a photo booth for (and find out first hand which alter ego you have!) then get in touch. Call us on 01202 237 433 or email us on [email protected] and we can arrange one for you!

Take a look at some examples below –

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