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The mission

To create a 1920’s themed extravaganza event! We were tasked with managing the event from start to finish and creating a 1920′ theme that would stand out from the crowd, with interactive elements and experiences.

Our approach

We had a number of meetings with the client to really get underneath the skin of the brief. During our creative meetings, we understood that the client had a large number of employees and a wide demographic, with a predominantly younger audience. To cater to the varied audience we knew that we needed to provide an event with a difference, so decided on a 1920s theme and started to source appropriate venues.

As the party had to cater to a large audience, we sourced two adjoining venues and created a walkway between them using a wooden tunnel. This not only provided us with more space, it also enabled us to create separate rooms for different aspects of the event.

The next task was to identify props, furniture and performers that would capture the essence of the 1920s. The venue was filled with 1920s-themed props, flapper girls, a casino and live music. The Jive Aces jazz band took to the stage to entertain guests, alongside live saxophonists and a 1920s car DJ booth. We also had CO2 cannons in the nightclub room, which was accessed through the connecting tunnel and added to the electric atmosphere.

To ensure the event stood out from the crowd, we hired actors to guide attendees to a secret entrance. And to add even more authenticity, we choreographed police actors to raid the venue at midnight – which is what would have happened back in the 1920s!

The outcome

An inspiring staff event! The client was extremely happy with the overall look and feel of the event and we really captured the heart and soul of the 1920s era. The adjoining venues catered for all age ranges, with hidden areas, walk round entertainment, and a real party atmosphere! 

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