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The mission

Whatever your age, Christmas is a time for excitement, fun and wonder. That’s why Seventa Events were thrilled to be recently commissioned by Interact Branding to create ‘Under the Christmas Tree’.

We love what we do and are fortunate enough to work on some amazing projects, but this one was pretty unusual. Just imagine the intrigued team’s delight when we received the brief: “produce a giant ‘Christmas present’ full of surprises!” We quickly began planning and the results are spectacular…

How we helped:

The plan was to design and build a large feature Christmas present big enough for guests to walk into and explore. Inside, they’d be delighted by a range of interactive surprises, creating a memorable experience as part of the preview-event design for Tobacco Dock Food’s 2018 Christmas party theme.

Our task entailed full design and build so our first step was to work closely with Interact Branding to decide exactly what should feature in the box. From there, we moved onto the design phase which included how the present would be built, the exact dimensions, materials and all the unusual features.

When it came to taking plans to production, all of the construction work took place in Bournemouth, at Seventa Events’ warehousing and HQ. We carefully built the giant present in such a way that it could be dismantled and then rebuilt inside Tobacco Dock. Logistically, this was the trickiest part of the project as we wanted a very high end finish. Visible joints were not an option so we created ways around this using clever carpentry and decoration.

The final result: 

The final result is exactly as the client had dreamed! The huge red gift box, complete with giant bow, measures 5m x 5m x 3m height. Upon walking inside, guests discover delight after delight.

It’s hard to say which is our favourite feature: the large present with pop open lid, which houses an electronic violinist performer; another large present with DO NOT PULL handle, which opens a secret drawer full of canapés; or a picture frame on the wall, which pushes open to reveal a cocktail bartender and array of delicious cocktails.


All of these unexpected treats sit below a ceiling with giant Christmas tree trunk and branches, making the guest feel as though they are truly ‘under the Christmas Tree’.

Everything was finished on schedule to an extremely high standard, and can be taken apart to be rebuilt wherever needs a little festive magic! It’s the perfect preview for Tobacco Dock’s Christmas party.

Plans for the future: 

We loved working with Interact Branding and Tobacco Dock on this unusual, creative project. Everyone is thrilled with the result and we’ve already got plans to collaborate in the future… but we can’t say anything just yet. Just like a child on Christmas Eve, you’ll have to wait and see what surprises are in store!

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