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The Brief

LV= have been having a major strategical re-vamp throughout the organisation and decided it would be a good opportunity to reconnect with their staff. Seventa helped out by delivering a massive, two day event for 1,500 people, aimed at communicating the brand’s vision

LV=’s core criteria for the event included: articulating their organisational changes and the benefits; offering staff the opportunity to try out some of the new technology and hear customer feedback; and leaving people energised, excited and confident in LV=. The event as a whole was to keep LV= values at its centre i.e. ‘Living Confident’, with scheduled and optional activities available.

How we helped

The ‘Big Event’, as it was affectionately known, certainly required some major planning and LV= brought in Seventa Events to ensure the end result was a triumph.

The first thing to get absolutely perfect was location. We’ve worked with Poole Lighthouse on previous events and have a great history there. It offers plenty of space with versatile rooms and is also conveniently only 3.7 miles from LV=’s head office.

With the venue sorted, it was time to plan exactly what to fill it with in order the meet the client’s criteria. The goal was to include a range of ‘trade show’ type stands which visitors could pop into at leisure, but also include the facility for a scheduled seminar as a focal point for each day.

Our team built temporary booths, sourced furniture and worked out the layout. We then calculated exactly what would be needed in each booth, further sourcing iPads, TVs, laptops and even two photo booths.

For the seminar we custom-built an area using draping walls and an LED screen. We made all AV arrangements and sourced 250 silent disco headphones, 54 beanbag cubes and 46 beanbags.

Of course throughout the venue we supplied LV= branding, floor stickers and signage to give continuity and a strong sense of identity to the day.

Alongside facilitating the actual event, we also had to ensure that everyone had all that they needed to get the most out of the day. To this end, we organised coach drop offs, a manned cloakroom, charging points, juice bars, massage areas, custom food stalls, healthy snack stands, and recycling/waste points for the 1,500 LV= visitors. All of these extras added to the experience of the event while keeping true to the message of ‘Living Confident’.

With everything in place, the Seventa team remained on hand over the two days in order to manage the event, which went perfectly to plan.


The ‘Big Event’ was a huge success and we loved being part of it. Poole’s Lighthouse, with some careful customisation by the Seventa team, proved to be the perfect location. It was ideal for the volume of people and requirements of the two days.

Visitors enjoyed the seminar and the variety of booths: fully engaging with the various activities that were hosted within them.

The client and the whole Seventa team were delighted with the outcome of this large-scale project. It was a true showcase of a client’s brief coming to life with imagination and a lot of hard work. We look forward to equally big events in the future.

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