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The mission

As awards season rolled around, our client approached us to help them launch their very own Oscars event! The mission was clear: we had to host several events in different UK locations and provide a consistent brand experience for all those attending.

Our approach

As this project included working in a variety of locations, we knew our approach had to be flexible. We started the project by collaborating with the client team to understand the requirements of each event and what they wished to achieve.

We had to source the venues for each event and consider each venue space and what we could do with it. There needed to be a level of consistency for every event and we wanted attendees to have the same experience, regardless of where they were. For this reason, we focused on creating the same stage presence that we could move to each location.

We measured up each venue and set about bringing it them to life with a number of themed props. From the giant clapperboard and movie camera prop to the light up OSCARS marquee letters and awards statues – it was a truly star-studded set up! To top it all off, we also delivered a custom red carpet backdrop, which provided some fantastic photo opportunities.

Throughout the month of September we set up, managed and packed down various venue events and managed each location

The outcome

A set of innovative star-studded events! All of the events successfully fulfilled the Oscars brief and we created a consistent experience across all venues and locations for the client’s employees.

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