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The mission

As one of the UK’s leading insurance providers, Liverpool Victoria has a focus on innovation. The company wanted to create a ‘cool, Google-esque’ event, which would showcase the company’s future plans, increase staff engagement and inspire the business leaders to use innovation to their advantage.

Our approach

After listening to the client we understood that the main aim of the event was to encourage interaction and inspire innovation. We set about planning the guest journey, experience and creative plan. We pulled together the experience and confirmed all elements of the event.

To make the event stand out and to give it the ultimate ‘cool’ factor, we focused on delivering trade show and experience elements, as opposed to just providing a platform for informational talks. We wanted it to be incredibly interactive for the attendees.

From accessing the venue, to the event start we had 24 hours. The event was hosted over three floors, with limited access which required careful planning.

To fit the theme we installed a custom-built stage, with LED panelling, on the internal first floor balcony, which overlooked the rest of the venue below. We provided inflatable walls, bright-coloured furniture, and clear igloo domes turned into ‘chill’ areas.

We focused on providing interactive elements, which included retro gaming chill out pods, a silent disco, and an experimental ‘lab’ area.

We organised a wide range of interactive workshop areas, trade guests and companies showcasing the latest in technological advancements.

This allowed for the guest journey to be fully immersive and engagement on the day from all employees was at one of the highest rates of any previous conferences. With breakout areas, ‘chill out’ pods, problem solving ‘lab’, massage areas and workshops – every detail was carefully considered to create a truly immersive experience.

The outcome

A unique and diverse event, which met and exceeded the client’s expectations. The event was interactive in its nature and was totally innovative, with a number of forward-thinking shows hosted throughout the event, including a demonstration of the Oculus Rift and flying drones. Post-event surveys and feedback from the client confirmed that the overall aim (to inspire attendees) was met and engagement levels were exceeded.

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