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Seventa Love – The Billion Pound Event Machine

Even though our focus is predominantly on Corporate Events, Seventa love all things events, including sporting events. This includes the beginning of the new season for the ‘billion pound event machine’ this weekend, or as it is more commonly known, the 2015 Formula One Season. With the new season kicking off this weekend in Melbourne it is an exciting time for the event industry.

The Formula One ‘business’ is something for everyone in the events industry to aspire to. Having been described as recession proof, and now generating over one billion pounds a season, it surely has to be one of the biggest events out there.

There has been an entire industry built around the sport and you don’t have to be a super fan or a driver to be involved.. Just a couple of months ago we were at the Williams Martini Racing headquarters near Oxford taking advantage of their conference centre with one of our corporate clients.

It really was a fantastic day for everyone involved! Not only did the delegates get to use the state of the art conference centre, they also got to take part in the Williams F1 Pitstop Challenge, tour the Williams Formula One private collection, test out their response times on the BATAK machine and race in the Full Car Formula One Simulator. Lucky for some! You can take a look at a few pictures of the day below..


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