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The 3 Commandments of Award Ceremony Hosting

Seventa Award Ceremony

Firstly we want to welcome Jay Rachet to the Seventa – Events & Hospitality team, full time. Jay brings with him a wealth of event knowledge and an experience of over 25 years in the Industry. One of Jay’s areas of expertise is Event Hosting and is more than aware of the points we are bringing up today.

Thou Shalt Be Respectful… To A Point

Having a joke with your audience and taking a pin to their ego bubbles can all be good fun and make the night thoroughly enjoyable. Until someone goes too far.

“Chris Rock’s turn as Oscar host in 2005 made for much shifting in seats as he berated the audience for giving him a standing ovation and made fun of Jude Law (which prompted the ever serious Sean Penn to leap to Law’s defence… even more awkwardly),”  Adam Sternberg.

When a host goes too far in search of a laugh things can get uncomfortable fast.

Thou Shalt Nail Down Timings

“Jerry Lewis’ third stab at hosting the Oscars in 1959 is generally regarded as one of the worst in award show history. The show ran 20 minutes short and Lewis was left to ad lib in order to fill time, desperately trying to get reluctant guests and nominees on to the stage to sing,” Adam Sternberg.

It’s vital then, to get timings absolutely spot on or else it’s the host who suffers. Having a clear script for the event and a good idea of how long each award will take is a good start. However, we believe a good host who thinks fast on their feet when things go wrong can over come this.

Thou Shalt pick the Right Personality

“David Letterman’s one time stint as Oscar host is famously cringey. From his opening ‘joke’ in which he repeatedly introduced Uma Thurman to Oprah Winfrey because they both have funny names,” Adam Sternberg.

Matching the right host to the right event is an art we have perfected. You may find a particular comedian funny when they’re on your favourite panel show, but they might not seem quite as funny when they’re making fun of your guests.

What are your rules?

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