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Very British Problems!

Tea Bag British Flag

It’s bright and early on a Monday morning and we have been discussing some reasons why we love our British behaviours and mannerisms. This lead us to look into (over the first cup of coffee of the day – it’s been a long weekend of events!) a funny topic known as ‘Very British Problems’. We soon found out that, naturally, someone had already written an article on the topic and it was quite funny! So we wanted to share it with you..

We’re all proud to be British! But it does come with its problems…Here are 13 that we encounter every day.

1) Forgetting to thank the bus driver and feeling like a terrible example of a human being.

2) Saying “honestly, it’s fine” to warn of your imminent meltdown.

3) “Excuse me, there’s a queue” only sounds ruder the politer you say it.

4) Knowing one person who only seems capable of making half-full cups of tea.

5) Missing today’s three seconds of daylight when you nipped to the loo.

6) Saying ‘Birmingham’ in general conversation and everyone saying it again in a dodgy Brummy accent

7) Over exaggerating everything, “I’m freezing” “I’m starving” “I’m dying”

8) I always thought air was free, then I bought a bag of Walkers crisps.

9) Walking into a small shop and having to take your hands out your pockets as you slowly walk out, just to avoid anyone suspecting you’ve stolen something.

10) The North/South divide is a real rivalry. The Midlands don’t exist. Pick a side.

11) Being unable to turn and walk in the opposite direction without first taking out your phone and frowning at it.

12) Repeatedly pressing the door button on the train before it’s illuminated, to assure your fellow commuters you have the situation in hand.

13) Feeling irked when someone joins you waiting by a Pelican crossing, and presses the button. Do they really think you haven’t pressed it?

We definitely agree with a lot of these (as i’m drinking half a cup of tea right now – thanks Simon!) but we are also pretty sure that the list doesn’t end here! We’ve come up with a couple more suggestions.. Feel free to add to the list too..

14) Justifying to yourself that sunny days mean more when you have less of them.

15) Having to confirm to every American that you meet, that you do infact, know the Queen very well and you often have tea with her to avoid their look of confusion and anger if you tell them the truth.

16) Having to browse in a different section of the shop, which you have no interest in, to avoid entering someone else’s personal space!

17) Running out of ways to say thank you when a succession of doors are held for you, having already deployed “cheers”, “ta” and “nice one”.

Typically British Problems!

p.s. That flag image at the top of the blog article is entirely made from Tea Bags – impressively British!

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