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Unique Venues in the UK for Corporate Events!

This morning we were having our weekly catch up in the office! The time in the week where we all sit down and find out whats been happening in each others week. We find that it’s good to step back from the barrage of emails once a week and talk to each other like they used to in the olden times!

Anyway.. Our MD Simon was talking about an article he had read about a rather unique venue that had just come to his attention and whether we thought we could use it for an event! The article he read was entitled “Coronation Street opens for event hire”.

Now we all had a bit of a laugh and a joke at first thinking about propping up the ‘Rovers Return’, but then realised in all seriousness there are a lot of people that watch the soap and so we were discussing its viability as a venue! In the end we came to the decision that there are a lot of unique and interesting venues out there, so we set about trying to find some..

After just a few searches on Google we came across some rather interesting venues and thought we would share them with you. So heres a few of our top finds..

  1. The Tree House at The Lodge on Loch Goil (Above)
  2. The Decorium – An old public swimming pool from the 17th Century
  3. Polhawn Fort – A Napoleonic Fort in Cornwall
  4. Alton Towers – The Shark Tank!
  5. The Whisky Vaults – Located in one of Scotland’s oldest commercial buildings
  6. The Gherkin – The top of the iconic London skyscraper
  7. Spitbank Fort – A fort built to protect the solent in the 1860’s

Feel free to comment if you can think of any more of the UK’s unique venues!

The DecoriumPolhawn FortAlton Towers Shark TankWhisky Vault
Spitbank FortThe Top of The Gherkin

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