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Why use an Event Agency to plan your next event?

Why use an Event Agency to plan your next event?

Events can be stressful. There’s unfortunately no way of shying away from the fact! Hosting an event has an abundance of things to take into consideration, which means that meticulous planning, and preparation is absolutely key. You think you have left yourself plenty of time and covered every angle, but as the date of the event creeps up on you, you could be left slightly more panicked then you would ideally like.

This is a common feeling experienced by event organisers as they strive to make sure everything goes to plan. This is where an events agency could step in. Their involvement could be anything from sourcing a venue, to arranging the AV, or full-blown event production and management. Just remember – we’re all there to help not hinder! If this is an avenue that’s going to work for you, we just cannot stress enough how important communication is going to be!

Event Production

As guest’s expectations from an event become ever greater, so does the pressure on the organiser to create something memorable! Working with an agency means you have access to a range of expertise, which would certainly be handy to utilise if you are planning a larger-scale event. They will be able to share creative ideas, working to any and every theme (trust us – we aren’t easily thrown!), and help with the design elements, giving you the confidence that it will be an absolute success!

Event Management

Attention to detail is vital, bringing in a helping hand will make sure no stone is left unturned and nothing is forgotten. You want to have a clear timeline in the lead up to the event, knowing when things such as deliveries are arriving, how rooms are to be set up, and what refreshments will be available and when. At the event itself, an agency can also look after everything for you so that you’re able to concentrate on enjoying the time with your guests.

Finding the right venue

Whatever position you are in, venue sourcing can unfortunately be a slow and painful process! An event agency will have an understanding of the different options available and will likely have existing relationships with venues in your area. At Seventa, we are often asked for advice on suitable venues and are able to draw on our experience to help clients. Venues sometimes offer preferential rates for multiple bookings as well, so as agencies hold a number of events each year, they might potentially have access to this to keep the cost down for you – always helpful! Knowledge of each venue can also come in handy when it comes to the additional formalities – furniture, access, capacity and facilities to name a few!

We understand that using an events agency may seem like quite an extreme measure at first thought, but it really will ensure your event runs smoothly and save you money in the long run. If you have an event coming up and think you might need a little help, take a look at the services we offer and get in touch with a member of our team for some advice!

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