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Wild Wild West (Country)

The weather still might be making up its mind.. But Summer IS on its way and we are busy in the office working towards some themed summer parties! More specifically, right now we are working on a Wild West themed summer party for a client in Bournemouth! Exciting times!

Planning these themed parties is a lot of fun, and this one is certainly no exception! There is a lot to choose from from the Wild West theme.. Cowboys and Indians, The Gold Rush, Mariachi Bands and everything to do with life in the West!

We will be working on a lot of ‘Wanted’ posters, swinging Saloon doors, a ‘town jail’ and some suitably themed entertainment for the evening! We’ll be taking inspiration from images like the ones below!

Gold Rush PosterCowboysWild West SaloonWANTED

One thing that does stand out to us is it was certainly a much smarter time (when they weren’t covered in dust!). With everyone wearing full suits, waist coats, hats, boots and spurs! We have already been looking to see where we can get ourself some suitable attire for the evening and we’ll be looking forward to sporting some boots and spurs of our own!

We can’t wait for the night and will look forward to sharing some photos with you afterwards! In the mean time, you can check out some of our previous themed nights on the website.. www.seventa.co.uk or check out some of social media sites..

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